Dr. Brian J. Albano, DPM

In December of 2016 I was contacted by a distressed local podiatrist by the name of Dr. Brian J. Albano.

“My website’s not working! Can you help?”

As a rule, I don’t usually take on a client with so little information to go on, but I did, and as it turns out it was a simple matter – simple in this case mind you – of an unmaintained WordPress installation. There was a piece of malware attached that stuffed unrelated keywords and URLs (web addresses) into the footer. Google crawled the site – as it does – and upon discovering the effect of the rogue software, they placed a manual action on the website.

The website had been down for some time and I didn’t know the extent of the damage. Instead of scanning the thousands of files that make up WordPress and trying to apply a fix manually, I decided to do a fresh install. I took a backup of the database and crossed my fingers during those famous 5 minutes. It worked. With the website now clean of the malware, all that was left to do was log in to Google’s search console to inform them that I had applied the fix and the manual action was lifted within the hour.

I was hired as the Digital Content Manager shortly after and have since produced all print and web collateral for Dr. Albano’s practice.