Rural Carrier Associate USPS

Today I received and accepted a conditional job offer from the USPS for a position as a Rural Carrier Associate. Conditional based on a pending drug test and background check of which neither is going to pose a problem.

The one question that comes up often online and elsewhere is what kind of timeline a candidate can expect from initial application to finally receiving an offer from the USPS. Common answers to this question vary from 3 to 6 months but my experience was very different and the timeline looked like this.

The interview was an interesting experience. We began in a group of about 12 and by the end we were whittled down to about 5. Most left after the initial description of the job and never continued to the individual interview. It was amusing, to say the least, to see how quickly the job was dismissed by some.

Only 22 days had elapsed between application to job offer which I attribute to luck and timing. Following this, though, is when the fun starts. A month of paid training.

I don’t work here anymore. Lasted about three months. It wasn’t for me.

Updated: 11/5/2018